Who we are

A boutique company to handle your remote software development needs

1950Labs is a software development shop located in Uruguay, specialized in managing remote teams. The core team has been creating remote teams for more than 10 years, for companies from USA and Europe. Now, they are available for you.

We believe in communities.

That's why we manage the biggest local association of software developers and IT related professionals, UruguayIT. It was crafted by our CEO in 2008, and we are investing on it since 2016.

Also, we created a spin-off to help smaller software studios in Uruguay to find, screen and evaluate software developers: Codilio. This is the recruiting branch of 1950Labs (and that's why we are good doing it).

Our team believes in creating strong relationships based on trust, through close personal interactions. With 1950Labs, our CEO will be in the loop at the start, and just an email or phone call away from you always. If needed, we can flight to your office overnight.

And you can bet our best developers will be available to help when needed.

If you come to Uruguay, don't be shy and drop us an email. Our main office is located in Montevideo, in a very nice co-work, and we will very happy to invite you a coffee and show you the place.

Meet the team

We mantain & manage UruguayIT, the largest uruguayan talent pool of software developers

Through our spin-off Codilio, we provide IT recruiting services to other companies in Uruguay

We are proud members of the Uruguayan Chamber of Information Technologies

We can help you

If you don't contact us first, we can't show you why.
Go ahead and give us 5 minutes of your time,
you will not regret it.

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